Diabetes Defined

Using conservative numbers, 25% of Americans are either diabetic or pre-diabetic. That’s in excess of 75 million people in this country alone, and the disease is spreading around the globe as more people adopt the so-called “Western” lifestyle. The “Western” lifestyle advocates – and provides – convenience foods, fast foods, packaged foods, pastries, sodas and cell phones! (More on that […]

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Migraines and Diet

A migraine headache can stop your day in its tracks. Worse yet, medications offer little or no help. If you’re prone to migraines, here’s some information that may help you. Although the causes of migraines may range among individuals, the main underlying cause often has to do with your diet. Changing the foods you choose to eat and adding in […]

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Welcome to Choku-Rei Wellness and Coaching

We have revamped the entire site and are very excited to receive your feedback on how we’ve done. Is the information here useful to you? Is it relevant? Can you put any of this into practice to improve yourself? Please let us know. Also, keep an eye out for new info and videos, coming up soon. Happiness and good health to […]

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