Tarot/Spiritual Readings

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I have been using the tarot as a means of spiritual coaching for over 20 years. I was drawn to the Aleister Crowley deck for all of its detail and. In addition to the tarot, I work with angelic guides, auras and psychic insights to deliver a well balanced session with knowledge seekers.

We all have our angelic guides that follow us through our daily lives whether we are aware of it or not. I am able to receive information from other’s guides as well as my own when doing readings. Auras have been a part of ‘reading’ a person throughout time. Auras have many different meanings and the way in which these energy fields move and shift gives more information about each person and their journey. There are times when all I have to do is quiet my mind and focus on a person and I will receive psychic impressions and messages.  Allowing myself to be open to the energies and patterns of the universe and then reviewing those patterns in regard to a specific person has the potential to relay even more information. Using all of these techniques and abilities has allowed me to assist many people to find their own peace and wellness through a clear understanding of their current position in life.th

The quality of the reading depends very much on the intentions of the one seeking the reading. I recommend that when receiving a reading, people be clear on what they want to know and hold themselves in a place of calmness and peace.

This service is not for divining your winning lottery numbers. What is being offered is a way to look into your daily life and see where your intentions and directions are moving. Clarity is one of the most valuable insights one can hope for. Knowing where you stand amid the seeming chaos of life provides a level of confidence and security that is hard to come by these days.

We live in a world of changing needs and personal demands we place on ourselves and others in our life. Having a session with a spiritual coach allows you to achieve a sense of where you stand at any given moment in your life and what opportunities are before you. Having a spiritual reading can also shed light on those opportunities and help you determine which are more beneficial to you.

I have provided a contact form below for you to ask me preliminary questions before you decide to request a reading. Readings can be done from a distance as well; I do not need to be in the same room as the person I am doing the reading for. Please feel free to find your comfort before deciding to book an appointment with me (or anyone else).

Thank you for taking the time to read through this information. I offer you a blessed day and clarity of vision.